Jump at the chance to have the years most popular assembly.  Great for Red Ribbon Week, Health & Wellness Week, or to motivate your students to be active any time of year.

Half-Times & Events

Just Jumpin’ performs at high schools, universities  and professional venues. Half time shows have received rave responses from fans and athletic administrators alike. Request a show today.

Our Shows


Our nationally ranked jumpers come to your school to demonstrate their latest and most technical routines to upbeat music and the cheers of your students.  The assembly is 45 mins long. We involve the audience in some of the routines and encourage activity among the students.  We do need a 40’x40′ space minimum but prefer 40’x60′ to jump, preferably on a gym floor.  If we need to split & do 2 assemblies in order to accommodate all your students we offer a discounted price for the 2nd assembly of $150.

We also offer a workshop following the assembly that is 30 mins long. The cost is $150. During the workshop we break the students into groups and teach them the basics of jump rope skills according to their age & skill level. We can offer this workshop during or after school.

Assemblies performed in Northern Utah Schools from Utah County to Rich County.  Assemblies in other Utah areas can be arranged by contacting us.

  • Regular Assembly Price: $425 (Price for assemblies in Northern Utah)
  • Additional Assembly or Workshop: $150 (Workshops 30 mins)
  • Space needed: at least 40’x40’; prefer 40’x60’ (on linoleum or gym floor, NO STAGES)
  • Assembly length: 45 minutes

Visit our Contact Us page. We would love to work with you!